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(Binchester and beyond)

Ancient Rome on Google Earth

Google earth now supports a special layer that allows you to view a 3D reconstruction of ancient Rome. It is not as detailed as the Plastico model in the Museo della Civilta Romana, but it is great to be able to see a real-time version of the urban environment. The layer was developed along with the Rome Reborn project from the University of Virginia.

You can learn more about the layer and download it HERE.

This is a short video that illustrates what is possible within the virtual world platform of Second Life. It is a reconstruction of the baths building at Binchester.


Greetings everyone! This space will be a place where I'll be blogging about several of my current academic interests:

  • Binchester
  • Hadrian's Wall
  • Roman civilian settlements in the Frontier Zone (vici)
  • Virtual reconstructions of antiquity
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