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Virtual Binchester Part of Beta Web Testing

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Normally, the virtual world platform Second Life (SL) is accessed by a stand-alone program. Linden Lab, the company that runs SL, is currently beta testing a java plug-in that will allow visitors to access the world with just a web browser. ROMA, the ancient Roman land that houses a full scale reproduction of the Binchester fort, is one of only 30 places chosen for this beta testing.

Over the next few weeks, beta testers will be able to access ROMA and visit all of its attractions, including the virtual Binchester reconstruction, with only a web browser running the latest version of Java. The program is code named “Skylight”. ROMA and the Binchester build are charter locations for this exciting step forward, which if successful, will definitely give people unable or unwilling to download a program still visit the reconstruction.

This evening, I accessed the Binchester reconstruction using just a Firefox browser. It worked seamlessly. I also wandered over to the other buildings and attractions in ROMA. More details as this program develops.